Monday, September 1, 2008

I'll stay employed

Every so often, I have to remind Davis that he is not the mom... He gets "big brother syndrome" and adds a very mommy-esk tone and then lets Jackson know what his current offense is: "Jackson, you KNOW what happens when you fuss..." or "I am not going to let you have this banana unless you ask nicely..."

I let Davis know that I am the mommy and that his job is to be "the encouraging older brother." Sometimes, when he is being particularly thick with mommy words and tones I tell him tongue-in-cheek that he is going to put me out of a job - that he better stop doing my job or I will have to find another family that needs a mom since he is doing my job for me.

So tonight, I had my hands full with my two younger ones. They were both fussing at everything in the worst ways. One was so out of control that I eventually had to put him in the shower - fully clothed - and cool him off. In the middle of it all Davis, who was quietly playing trains while I was alternating between tantrumming children, said "I guess they are making sure you have a job today!"



Ginger said...

That's great! So mature. We sure had a good time with you guys this weekend. See you soon!

schmidt said...

Out of the mouths of babes (well, a little man), he is very wise. You can sure tell he has had wonderful parenting. It is great that you have encouraged Davis to be the encourager. I love to read the blogs! Great stories and information to encourage one another in this season of your lives. Parenting is not easy!
Love & Prayers,

Diane said...

Oh my goodness, that's hilarious!