Saturday, September 13, 2008

Transitions, Galore!

All of you on-top-of-it Moms posted your kid's first day(s) of school within moments of kissing them good-bye. I, on the other hand, am slightly more neglectful. But in my defense (since you must think me a terrible mom, I therefore defend myself) we had several transitions going on at the same time.
Transition #1: "Binki on a Hook"
My binki boy is constantly sneaking his binki out of his crib and sucking on it during non-sleep moments. And this pregnant mom is tired of the battle. Thank you, O Brilliant Ginger, for the idea of putting the binki on a hook high above his reach. Upon waking up, he puts the binki on the hook and we wave good-bye to it until the next sleep period. And the transition away from the binki completely has now begun, as he associates it only with sleep. (And car trips. And diaper changes. But that's it. Really.)

Transition #2: "Operation Make Room for Baby"

While we were unraveling poor Weston's world, we thought we may as well move him to a big boy bed. Shall we potty train him this week too?? We'll give him a month or so, then maybe... Here you see night one and night two of the transition. His sleeping positions were a crack up.

It has been a rough adjustment, mostly because I chose to start him sleeping on a toddler mattress on the floor. It was just too easy to slink off to sneak a toy or book. He already takes FOREVER to fall asleep so this added temptation did not help. I have spent many hours so far sitting in his room while he tries to fall asleep. I finally moved him to a twin bed and box springs but before I could do that I had to break down and buy a bed rail (I had previously just borrowed them but that dear friend gave hers away leaving me high and dry - just kidding Lori!). Sleep since then has been improving.

Transition #3: Davis Goes to First Grade

Far more sentimental than I, Davis said: "Be sure and take a picture of me in my backpack, Mom. And then put it in my baby book, alright?" It took some convincing before he was willing to turn all the way around and face me for even one picture. And then the school bus wisked him away for SIX WHOLE HOURS.

Upon arriving home, I asked him how his day was. Unlike most all kids in the world, his answer was more than the standard one or two word answer. No, this boy is his father's son (believe it or not, Ryan talks more than I do). How was school? "It was good. My classroom is small. We have play centers. I know four kids in my class already. Mrs. Baker is nice. I ate everything in my lunch...." I should not have been surprised to get so much information, but I was.

Transition #4: Jackson's Playmate is Gone All Day

This transition was much more dificult than I expected. Poor little guy was at a loss, missed his brother so much, and was generally an emotional mess. He had a regular scream-fest nearly every day. Everything was a travesty, all day long. Everything was a defiance. Now, the end of week two, he has made the transition and a delightful bi-product of Davis' absence has surfaced: a brand new relationship between big brother Jackson and little brother Westen. So endearing. Here are the two boys, spontaneously reading side-by-side. I look forward to watching Jackson step up to the plate as "the biggest brother in the house," and the development and growth of this friendship.


Megan said...

Ah, your family is growing up so fast. I admit, I almost teared up a little to read how rough it has been on sweet Jackson. But I am sure it will continue to be a good growing experience for him.

Greg and Andrea said...

You sure have had a lot going on at your house! Good thing you didn't have this baby in September. You've got at least a month or two, right?
I'm glad Jackson's doing better and bonding with the little brother.

Anonymous said...

totally doing the binky on a hook and it is working for us! thanks for the great idea:)