Saturday, December 26, 2009

The Coming January Storm

it is going to be a pretty interesting January at our house. It is like the perfect storm, where every possible event, fun thing, stressful work load, and remodel all comes together in one blast of a month.

If (if, indeed) I have the chance to blog about it along the way you will find us deep in the throes of
  • A super fun new year's party
  • a bathroom remodel
  • four saturday's worth of ski lessons for "the big boys"
  • a laundry room addition
  • new basement floors
  • Basketball practices
  • setting up a new clinic in Bend
  • teaching sunday school twice
  • a new therapist hired (read: lots of paperwork with insurance companies!)
  • but NO PUPPY! (let's wait until february at least, sweetie)
Incidentally, I looked up the actual definition of "throe." Turns out it may be a bit of hyperbole on my part. Well anyway, will our marriage survive? Will the kids come out of this first month in 2010 scarred for life?

Stay tuned...