Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Simple conversations

Out of the silent, silent blue...

Jackson: Mommy, is Jesus for pur-tends?
Me: Oh no. Jesus is not for pretends at all. Everything you know about Jesus really, really happened.
Jackson: Oh. I just thought he was a book.
Me: No. He was really a man that lived on earth a long time ago.
Jackson: Oh. I never knew that.

Really, it is in the spaces that life is lived and parenting is done.

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Megan said...

In our house, we have 1. things that are pretend (stuff you can't see but are pretending about), 2. Things that are real (Jesus and the Bible, etc) 3. And things that are "real pretend" (disney princesses, her kitties, etc.) It's confusing to figure out what is pretend and what is real. What a great opportunity to share truth with Jackson!!