Wednesday, September 10, 2008

My Picks: Best Books for Parenting, Compiled

Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child by Marc Weissbluth, M.D. If sleep is a struggle, or if you are afraid that sleep might become a struggle, read up on this book for sound research and (hopefully) great results. Great for a mom with an infant, or a mom with a child of any age that does not sleep through the night, has trouble going to sleep, or is not adjusting to their own bed, or any number of sleep-related issues going all the way up to the teen years.
Raising Godly Tomatoes by Elizabeth Krueger. The best book out there for godly instruction on the yearly years of child training. It is an excellent book for a mom with an 18-24 month old and beyond. One caveat that must be mentioned: She advocates keeping your children isolated from the world. The decision to do or not do this while your children are young is one that must be left up to how God leads your family. Regardless of what your family chooses, the help in this book is unmatched for its parenting advice.
Parenting the Heart of Your Child by Diane Moore. Great book for getting a big picture of the various stages your kids will need you to coach them through, as well as some tips for where you are now. Good for mom’s with 3-4 year olds and beyond.
“Don’t Make Me Count to Three!” by Ginger Plowman. An excellent resource for learning how to biblically teach, train and discipline our kids. Great for Mom’s with kids around 4-5 years old and beyond.

What are YOUR top picks?!?


Diane said...

Hey Jenne,
Do you have any book recommendations for a preteen girl, that is strong willed. Oh the drama and mood swings. Lord help me!

Jenne said...

As soon as I enter the season of preteen girls, I promise to get you a recommendation... i suppose you probably shouldn't hold your breath though!

Jon and Erin said...

Mom had me read these books from her counseling classes (at Western). Holding Time & Raising an emotionally intelligant Child. I have made it thru most of the books.

Amy Woodard said...

I also like To Train Up a Child. It's similar to Raising Godly Tomatoes, a little more strict, I think and applies to babies starting around 6 months. I found it very helpful and practical!