Thursday, September 25, 2008


I just read a friend's blog. She is making chocolate truffles, which reminded me that this week I took up crochet. What's the connection, you say?

I needed something that would do two things: force me to sit down and also keep my hands busy. In other words, I snack-snack-snack every chance i get when i sit down (bad habit that started in childhood), so the way to usually avoid snacking is to keep moving, but I HAVE to spend more time sitting and resting because of the big-belly thing I have got going.

And can I just be honest for a moment and say that I have already gained all the weight i care to gain in this pregnancy but sadly, more will come no matter what i do from this point forth. (Plenty past the "twenty-five pounds" they estimate one ought to gain. PLEASE! Good for you if you stuck pretty close to that number.)

So at the very least, i will avoid sabotaging myself and CROCHET EVERY CHANCE I GET. And then when the baby is born and I am burning more calories just sitting and breastfeeding that i could do in an hour-long spin class, I will enjoy one-too-many helpings of Tapioca Pudding (can you believe THAT is what I crave immediately after giving birth? Random. I know.

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Megan said...

I can't believe you are crocheting. That is very funny to me. :) By the way, your hubby made a splint for my weird finger/knuckle this morning and it is working great!