Monday, August 25, 2008

Poker and Project Night

As I sit at my breakfast counter I am tickled by the strange mix of activity going on around me. To my left is an impromptu Texas Hold 'Em game played by all adults living here (minus boring old me). And behind me is a huge hole in our wall - two talented men are here replacing dry rot in our floor and in the floor beneath our french doors.

A funny twist of events with this construction project... Jay did not want to begin this project until we had ordered and received replacement doors, since we really did not know the state of things under the floorboards. (He suspected a need to replace the doors and did not want to leave us for days on end without a door.) So you can imagine the dilema we found ourselves in when it was discovered that the door we ordered was nearly 4 inches too large for the existing opening. A half-day project quickly grew, hence the hammering at such a late hour (9PM and still going strong).

Thank you, Christy and Julie, for loaning out your respective husbands. I hope bedtime with the kids went alright at your homes without your men. (I was pleasantly surprised that the activity and energy in this house did not impact the bedtime of my three little guys...I wonder when I get to hit the sack.)

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Megan said...

Any progress on the giant hole in your wall? While you are at it you should change the pantry into a walk in closet...