Sunday, August 10, 2008

Cultus 2008

It was a REAL VACATION! Yes, you heard me. In stark contrast to our 4th of July camping trip, I got GREAT sleep camping with my kids (my own bladder issues aside, of course). It was wonderful to watch my kids enjoy the one place on earth that I have memories of enjoying 32 out of 33 years of my life. I could go on and on about so much, but as you will see at the end, I have some laundry to do. Jackson spent 12 out of 13 awake hours pretending he was skiing or surfing. He actually got up on two skis this year (at 4 1/2!! years old). It was just the impetus Davis needed to dig up the courage to ski, too. Nothing like little brother skiing first to get you on the water, too.

Weston. He was a trooper. I did not bring nearly enough swim diapers or dry clothes to keep this guy well-cared for and clean. Not surprisingly, he was in the water and sand at all times. He ate enough sand (on accident) to actually make an impressive showing in his diaper. By the end of the week he was making sure that when he had food in his hands and dropped to the ground in a tantrum (few and far between) or to just have a seat, he dropped to his palms, keeping his fingers sand-free.
I mentioned i did not bring enough swim diapers, right?
Davis. what is to say about this guy? He has really grown up and Cultus was proof for us. For starters, he was a help to us as we loaded and unloaded everything, He took care of himself, and he skiied - really skiied - around the lake.

And now, I must go. Here is what awaits me everytime I walk downstairs. The picture really does not do the mounds justice. I am guessing 10 or 11 loads. But as I told my aunt as we were swapping laundry stories, it is all worth it.

See you next year, Cultus!!


Megan said...

Sad that this vacation has already come and gone. What a great year camping, rain and all. And I imagine that is more than 11 loads of laundry. I think I did 11 loads and I have one less in my fam!

Ginger said...

What GREAT pics - love that one of Davis, he looks so old!!! Hilarious how Weston would not get his fingers sandy, and that nudey picture is hilarious too.
good times!