Thursday, August 21, 2008

Feeling a Bit MIA

I see now that it has only been eight days since my last post, but for some reason it feels longer. And this post does not promise to be particularly thought-provoking or comical. Just a "yes, I'm still breathing but life is unusually busy."

Soccer practice started up the week we returned from vacation. My seven year old is playing in what has turned out to be a very competitive league. The coach is very open about the fact that he coaches this age group because this is the time to "catch the kids for greatness," when they are learning the basics. Needless to say, I am a bit leery of the gotta-be-the-best flavor of conversation. He's a first grader, afterall, and we are just out for a bit of fun. I'll (try to) suspend further judgment until at least mid-way through the season.

The other adventure awaiting us when we returned from vacation was a missionary from Lithuania. She is staying at our home for a total of 3 weeks (less than a week left now - wow that went FAST!!). She has been a complete blessing to the household as she raises support for herself so that she can return to minister to people in her home country. If you think of it, be praying for the ministry in Lithuania. It is a dark country, still recovering from Communism and headed straight for full blown post-modernism. The country is very poor since they joined the European Union, and with the hopelessness that Communism left, the lack of true Christian churches, and the recent war between Russia and Georgia, Jolita (the missionary) has her work cut out for her!). If you have a heart for the Eastern Block countries, or some un-tagged missionary money, leave a comment. Every $20 helps!

We will miss her dearly when she leaves and have relished the time she was here.

I could say more, but a list of tasks awaits. Hope all you faithful readers have enjoyed the first 21 days of August!

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