Sunday, August 24, 2008

Amazing Day at the Beach

We took a day trip to the beach this weekend so that Jolita could put her feet in the Pacific Ocean. I can honestly say that it was the best day we have had at any beach in a very long time. The sun was shining, it was warm, no wind, lots of activity like surfers, beach volleyball, people hanging out all over the place, It was everything that the Oregon Coast is NOT known for - like we were transported for the day to a small slice of California's beaches. So taken-off-guard were we by the wonderful weather conditions that we arrived without towels and Ryan had jeans on. We actually bought swim trunks for him and a couple of towels for all of us to share so that we could really take advantage of the day.
Here are a few photos for your viewing pleasure!
Jolita, Davis, Jackson, and Ryan running in the waves. (I did a lot of sitting and photographing.)
Playing in the waves. Davis was fearless, actually swimming in the waves. Jackson was more tentative (thank goodness!) and stayed below the knee level.

Jolita with our boys. They have fallen in love with her. It will be hard to say goodbye!

Davis, recovering from one of many crashing waves. He did not stop running for the whole 3 hours we were there.

Jackson, posing like a surfer. Very serious business for him.

Weston, loving being covered in sand (big surprise). He did not get a nap this afternoon and was cranky in the car as we arrived but as soon as we let him put his toes in the sand and water he was in heaven. (And then 30 seconds after being placed in his car seat - at 5:30pm!! - he was in dreamland.)
What a marvelous day! Thanks, Jolita, for giving us a reason to go!!


Ginger said...

How crazy is that? You're right - not your typical day at the Oregon coast. Usually, you put more clothes on when you're there, not take them off! What a fun trip!

Diane said...

I'm glad that you had such a great day. Love your family picture.

Bruce said...

your family looks so cute at the beach. We must visit there when we come back to see our precious grandbabies. It was great getting to visit with you Jenne and the boys. Ryan, so sorry I missed seeing you.
Jenna & Elsie Mae's mimi from Ok