Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Resolutions, Anyone?

I am not much of a resolution-maker, but this year I really do sense a newness. There were so many areas I felt I failed in this past year (gotta love that feeling) but rather than wallow in self-defeat, the Lord has given me a strong sense of hope. I am excited to respond to it.

But do I dare put my resolutions in writing for everyone to see? I am a perfectionist. That means that if I don't do it 100%, I might as well throw in the towel, give up completely and go back to my old ways. Putting my resolutions in writing, I think, would encourage my perfectionistic tendencies and actually cause me to give up.

But on the other hand, NOT writing them down might lend itself to slacking off for lack of accountability. What's a girl to do? Instead of being super-specific, I will only talk general...and I think that might help.

As of late, I think I have been emphasizing the importance of chores and responsibilities more than anything else. The kids are not allowed to turn on their daily TV show until chores and "helping mommy" is done. It has been a wonderful way to teach the kids how to be helpful and they actually ask each day what their chores are (so they can watch TV). Their motivation is strong. I like that they are developing habits and getting it into their head that work and their responsibilities come before play.

But it occurred to me that I am in danger of neglecting to teach the kids what is really most important. I want to, therefore, model and provide opportunity for the kids to develop habits that reflect that most important disipline: Spending time praying and reading scripture.

I have ideas rumbling around in my head. I am prepared to try them and allow them to sink or swim. I am prepared to try and try again. I want this to be a real theme of the year so that we could all look back on the year and see some movement in the right direction in terms of developing habits. And I will trust the Lord to use these habits for His purposes.

Are there any other resolutions hanging around out there? Any fellow perfectionists who are willing to NOT be perfect, but rather work toward a goal? Any imperfectionists out there who can encourage us to keep moving forward, even when we drop off our resolution wagon?

Happy New Year!


Megan said...

I have a resolution, but I have decided to take it month by month instead of thinking about it as a year long thing. I am giving up sugary treats for the whole month of January. And then maybe for February, and so on. It's true that once you put it in writing (especially on a blog where anyone and everyone can read it) you feel a greater sense of accountability. For me that is a good thing :)

You will have to share some of your ideas with me (or all of us) about teaching your kids good daily habits of prayer and time in the Word. What a great challenge - one that will keep you in the Word and prayer and will teach your kids how important time with the Lord is! The challenge, as always, is how to get these truths to resinate in their hearts, not just in their actions.

Anonymous said...

Well, fellow perfectionist, i too struggle with putting my resolutions in writing. I will say thought that having family devotion time and modeling my time in prayer and reading the scriptures is my MAJOR theme of the New Year as well. Let me know any ideas you come up with! I have some too that I might share on my blog later.

Happy New Year!!