Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Six Things I Love About My Mother-In-Law

Nope, it's not her birthday today. I have no particular reason for posting this except I appreciate her. A lot. And I know she checks in on the blog from time to time and I want her to know.

1. She regularly thinks of the needs of others before her own
2. She is passionate about healthy eating and living and is bold about passing on what she knows
3. She assumes the best about me and my family
4. Without a hesitation, she drives in rush hour traffic to come pick her grand kids up - and then offers to do the dropping off, as well
5. She is quick to offer to take the boys for a night when she knows Ryan is going to be gone
6. Her strongest Christian witness is her servant's heart
7. She telephones her widowed step-mother every morning on her way in to work.
8. She takes lots of pictures
9. She is interested in what I have to say
10. She is always up for a party at her house
11. She lets me host things at my house, too
12. She understands my husband and is a great resource when I need it
13. She saves arthritis magazines for my sister (not her relation)
14. She values serving people more than an organized house
15. If word of a "family vacation" is breathed she is immediately on the task of booking the trip
16. She is sensitive to the strains and stresses of motherhood and is quick to offer empathy
17. She gives good advice when solicited
18. She sends me home with fresh fruits and vegetables
19. She has loved me since the day I entered the family (and even before), even when I acted unlovely
20. She can tell you how much vitamin A, Omega 3 fatty acids, and calcium is in a rutabaga.
21. She loves her family unashamedly, even more than we deserve.

I said "Six things," huh? Well, I couldn't hardly help myself. I love you Maryann!


Megan said...

You do have an AMAZING mother-in-law. Thanks Maryanne for the magazines! You are VERY thoughful all the time.

Cheryl said...

thank for the wonderful words of love to your mother-in-law. I have an amazing one also and your blog convicted me to express my thanks to her too! She blesses me and my family in so many ways, I can't even think of counting them! I am off to write a note of thanks to her now.

The Chirgwin Family said...

Mother - in - laws are such WONDERFUL resources! It's sad to hear the phrase with the usual disdain. I LOVE mine too!

mary ann said...

Wow,I'm wiping away the tears after reading your blog! Thank you for such a wonderful gift... the expression of your love and appreciation means so much! Jenne, you are a terrific lady, wife, mother, and daughter-in-law! You are such a blessing to our family! Love, mary ann

Jenne said...

Thank you, Maryann. Love you!

Becka said...

Matt was peeking over my shoulder reading this 'article' and said, "that sounds a lot like *my* mother-in-law . . . ." Then I pointed it out it was Jenne's blog and *is* about his mother-in-law! We love you Mom!