Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Conversation

My Winco bag of bulk mixed beans broke open in my pantry today and Davis helped me clean the mess up. I think something about the shape of the little black dried beans triggered his memory about something he did earlier that day:

Davis: I pulled off all the legs of a bug today.
Mom: You did?
Davis: uh-huh. But it didn't kill him.
Mom: oh. ok.
Davis: First I pulled of one leg, then another and then another...
Mom: ok. ok. I got it...
Davis: So then I squished him.
Mom: That was probably for the best.
Davis: Yeah.


Pate Family said...

Oh my goodness- I love Davis

Anonymous said...

Um, that is so gross. I have girls. Enough said. God knew what He was doing. Yuk.

The Chirgwin Family said...

Oh Jenne! Boys! I'm not ready for Brett to begin that phase... guess it will be here soon. :)