Monday, January 14, 2008

String Cheese Trivia

We get the brand of string cheese that has trivia on them. The outside of the plastic-wrapped cheese stick has the question and you peel it open to reveal the answer inside. The boys religiously request that their question be read to them before the cheese is devoured. We have seen enough of them to have nealry all of them memorized. Sunday's conversation at the lunch table went like this:

Davis: Daddy, will you read my trivia question to me?
Daddy: Sure Davis... It says, "What is the strongest muscle in the human body?"
Davis: The heart!
Jackson (without missing a beat): A triangle!!

Oh Jackson. You are hilarious!

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Anonymous said...

One question asked, how long does a dragonfly live? Answer was 24 hours. Wrong. They can live up to six months. Four months as a nymph until they turn into an adult. Many of the answers are wrong. I wish they would get their act together. Our children are being misinformed.