Monday, January 28, 2008

Salad Talk

Just some funny Jackson conversations...

Jackson says to me, as I am getting ready to pour dressing over his salad, "What kind of dressing is that?"
Mommy: It's your favorite one. Thousand Island.
Jackson: Well, I want Twenty-One Island. (Hysterical 3-year-old-laughter quickly follows.)


It was time to get on jammies. Jackson had dutifully stripped down to his birthday suit and was sitting on the toilet, moving his bowels. Davis was working on putting a very precise amount of toothpaste on his toothbrush (I tell that boy one time how to do something and he takes it as gospel truth...when he was nearly three years old and I was trying to teach him how to measure how much toilet paper is a good amount, I told him to unroll it until it just touches the floor. To this day, he still measures it exactly to the floor - not an inch above or below. For that boy, there is just one right way to do things. Oh Lord, bless his wife with grace and patience.)

Wow. I digress! This is supposed to be a story about salad. Okay... Jackson is on the pot and Davis notices he is chewing something:
Davis: what are you eating, Jackson?
Jackson: Just some salad.
Mommy: It must have been left over from dinner, huh? ...Did you find that salad in your teeth?
Jackson: ummm...yeah. I did.
Mommy: Yeah.
Jackson (on second thought, and with a straight face): Actually, no. I found it in my nose.

I burst out laughing, feeling like he just handed me one of Bill Engvall's "I'm Stupid" signs.

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SO funny:)