Friday, February 27, 2009

The Jump from 3 to 4 kids? Easy-Cheesy!

Lots of people are asking me the same question and I have pretty much the same response every time:

"So," they ask, "How is the adjustment from three kids to four?"
"You know," I say with a touch -too-much smugness, "It really is not that different."

Ryan - bless his heart - has heard me give that response a handful of times now and last week he piped up. "You know, Jenne, you keep on saying that things are not much different. But believe me - they are!"

"Yes. Really."
"Huh. I don't feel like I am more stressed or crazy." (Insert pregnant pause here, while Ryan waits for his dopy wife to connect the dots... He has been stepping up to the plate big time since Drake was born. I just can't juggle all the kids by myself at church, and I need help getting everyone loaded up into the car, and his help is critical now at bedtime, and...on and on. He is definitely picking up the pieces that I drop.)
"Uuh, I sure appreciate all the help you are giving me, Ryan."
"Yeah, sure. No problem. But the next time someone asks you that, you can't say that it is no different. It might not be different for you, BUT THAT'S BECAUSE I AM HELPING."

So here's a big shout out to my amazing husband who has quietly filled in the mother-gaps (and they are GAPING at times) while I have proclaimed that I can do it all with one hand tied behind my back.

Truth be told, I am on a sinking ship without my Maker and the man He gave me!


Ginger@chirgies said...


So what was your hardest adjustment?
1 to 2?
2 to 3?

Mine was most definately 0 to 1!!! No more spontaneous. No clue how to manage. Whew! I'm glad to be past those early months! :)

Jenne said...

Oh yeah! 0 to 1 was BY FAR the hardest adjustment. I was a stressed out, exhausted mess for about 6 months. Only VERY SLOWLY did the stress and exhaustion subside. Glad THAT'S over with!!

ang said...

Sorry you're sick! Praying those antibiotics will work as quickly for you as they did for me...and that you don't have a round two :0)

Pate Family said...

I think each child has been easier-like everyone said, 0 to 1 is by far the hardest. It makes me laugh now. What was so hard about one? Good work Ryan!

Megan said...

0 to 1 was so hard for me too! And yes, thank the Lord for husbands who step up to the plate over and over again with each addition to the family! Team work parenting is so important, with one kid or with a whole quiver!