Sunday, February 8, 2009

I Love That Man

Ryan and I got to work together all afternoon today. It was really wonderful. Tiffany took our two big boys, and the two little boys took monster-sized naps. In the mean time, we laid down our new laminate flooring in our family and dining rooms. We were in a groove, working so well together, solving the few problems that came up, but mostly just diligently laying those boards and chatting. Ryan told me what to do and I did it with a genuine, smiling, willingness. I wish I was always so pleasant to him... he deserves at least that much.

The only thing I like more that working together with Ryan is watching him laugh with our boys. It absolutely delights me! And that's was I was treated to during a break from the flooring. The boys had returned to us and we dined together on Pizza from Sparky's (notice I capitalized "pizza," as though its place in our family rises to the level of proper noun...) in our basement, the last bit of square footage that is not in total disarray. Aw, who am I kidding; it was a disaster area, too, but at least it was free of sharp edges and fascinating tools.

Thanks, hun, for a great day and for being such a wonderful daddy.

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Diane said...

Very sweet post. BTW, we love sparky's pizza. :)