Monday, February 2, 2009

Happy Birthday to Me.

Some sixteen years ago, after Ryan and I had been dating a mere 3 months, we had a funny conversation that we always remember every February 2nd. The story goes something like this:

Ryan had not known me long enough to know just how much of a birthday brat I am and so when I told him on that cold January day, "My birthday is coming up soon, you know." He wracked his brain nervously, wanting so desperately to impress his first and only girlfriend he had ever had. "Yeah. Your birthday is February 2nd!"
Offended that he had not remembered the correct date (he clearly did not know that it is a national holiday), I answered with a huff and a puff, "February 2nd?! No! It's August 1st! How could you not remember?!"
"You said it was 'coming up soon!' August is not soon! You tricked me."
"No, I did not trick you. August is coming up soon. Its only 8 months away and then its my birthday!"

So now, every year, he wishes me Happy Birthday on February 2nd, and begins his preparation for the national holiday that is "just around the corner."

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Diane said...

That's hilarious!
Happy un-birthday Jenne. :)