Friday, February 13, 2009

Hip-Hip-Hooray, Bubbles!

I have four kiddo vignettes today.

Jackson, calling out to me from our storage pantry: "Mommy, Weston is wanting to blow bubbles outside." And before I can really even say no, he continues: "I know we can't. I know that. (insert thoughtful pause here) But...we could if we caAAAAAan!"

Weston and Jackson were running up and down the hallway together. Back and forth, back and forth. They would stop at the end of the hall long enough to get set up to run back. But before the mock race started up again they would both wait for Weston to count to three. His way of counting is not your traditional One, Two, Three, GO! Oh no. Its so much cuter. It goes like this: Eight, oh, eight, EIGHT!! (He has his numbers and letters fused together. To him, the letter "O" is as much a number as it is a letter. He is well prepared to tell people our area code: "five-oh-three."

After reading a picture book telling the Easter story, Jackson said "IIII-EEEEE KNOW WHAT A MIRACLE IS!!" You do?!? Tell me!! "Its when you get sick and then you are UN-sick. When you are hurt and you get UN-hurt. When you are dead and you get UN-dead! ...But I don't know how they do that. How do they do that and why can't IIIII-EEEE do that?"

Weston continues to be a potty-trained champ. We seem to have progressed beyond his obstinacy and are finally in a phase of "joyful release." Sitting backwards on the toilet seems to have made the biggest difference because he can finally see what is going into the toilet. And that is fascinating. When he discovered that forcefully peeing created some great bubbles in the toilet he screeched, "Buuuh-booos!" And yesterday, he added a new phrase. "Hop-hop-ho-way, Buuuh-booos!" (Hip-hip-hooray, Bubbles!) Its the cutest stinkin' thing I have heard in a long time.


Ginger@chirgies said...

Fun memories! That is sooo funny - just today, I was trying to figure out how to teach Luke to pee DOWN into the water instead of his usual (facing backwards) all over the underside of the seat and back of the toilet. And when he peed this morning and made bubbles, we got all excited. Now he sits there and points (getting his hand much closer than I am comfortable with) at them and says, "pop, pop, pop". Those boys. :)

Megan said...

Weston is so endearing, I love him. And Jackson is such a thinker! Love your kids like they are my own :)