Wednesday, March 18, 2009

WFMW - All Cut Up

This is not rocket science, but it sure is helpful - especially on those days that I don't think about dinner until we are already hungry but there is no meat defrosted yet.

Once a month I buy our chicken (I buy it fresh, not frozen) and when I do I take several of the pieces and cut them up into strips or cubes. I put enough strips or cubes into one bag to feed the family for two nights (leftovers are priceless, no?). I label the bags with helpful information and lay the bags flat in the freezer.

Guess what that makes? Chicken that thaws quickly and is easy and ready to throw into the pan for all sorts of dishes (think chicken fajitas, taco soup, and burittos... I bet you have more creative ideas than my mexican rut affords me).

I also like to do this same but freeze them with marinades in there. Our family favorite is terriaki sauce.

p.s. the scissors are in the picture because i thought it would be easier to cut the chicken with the shears instead of a knife. I was wrong. A knife is so much easier.


Musings of a Housewife said...

I really should take the time to do this. Great idea!

mub said...

I have an easier time cutting chicken with kitchen shears, I guess everyone is different aren't they? This is a good tip, it's always easier to toss pre-prepared meat into a pan for a quick dinner!