Sunday, March 15, 2009

Meet My Brothers

Hi! I'm Weston.
Wanna meet my brothers?



Bee-Bee Uh.
La-La taught me his real name, so now I sometimes call him Bee-Bee D.

(Aren't we cute?)


Lauree "LO" Austin said...

Jenne, your children are absolutely adorable!! I had to write you because I just received a letter back in the mail that I had mailed to you and Ryan last month. It was a thank you note for joining with me in youth ministry over here in Eastern Europe. But it obviously didn't get there, so THANK YOU for your support! Can you send me your address so that I have a current one in my files. Thanks so much Jenne! Lauree

Christine said...

Too cute. I love those first words! PS - can we visit you sometime next week?