Sunday, March 29, 2009

Join CStone's Flu-Fest!

Yes, it appears if you attend Cstone, you have gotten, (or will get?) the flu. With all the wonderful benefits of being part of that community, I suppose one passing affliction is alright.

This bug is making its way through our family now. I got it Friday night, right after putting the kids to bed. Usually what happens on a Friday night right after I put the kids to bed is blog-blog-blogging. As of late, I write all the posts for the coming week on Friday nights, and then I schedule them to appear throughout the week (sneaky, huh?).

So, I missed my blog evening. And I have sick kids to take care of (poor little sweeties). So I am afraid it will be at least Friday before you see anything new here. Unless something amazing happens.

Thanks, Jen, for taking care of my Sunday School responsibilities this weekend. No small feat! You are amazing to be able to juggle three kids and somehow come up with something to keep the class busy at the last minute.

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Pate Family said...

Seems like we could have found something better to share. For the first night in 6 nights I didn't get woken up last night. However, Camden had thrown up again in his bed and then slept in it. How do you puke and then sleep in it for hours? Poor kid. And my poor washing machine.