Monday, January 12, 2009

A Lame Way to Save 24-Cents

So I have my two youngest laying side-by-side on my bed. One is still wet, wrapped in a towel and smelling like baby shampoo. The other is awaiting his turn in the bath but before he makes his big splash I must take care of one detail: the unmistakable scent of two-year-old poop under his size 4 diaper. (Odoriferous, wouldn't you say?)

As the diaper is removed from him, the newborn next to him - completely naked under that soft towel - is grunting up a storm. I try to console myself... "Well, at least I just saved the expense of a diaper."

Weston is now in the bath, and the sacrificial towel is saturated with stain remover. I must end this blog now, because our track record for poop in the bathtub is not good. (We are up to two episodes in two weeks, now.)

On the bright side of infants and bowel movements (you mean there is a bright side? and a dark side?), this is the first poop-or-pee-outside-the-diaper we have had in Drake's 6 weeks of life. (unbelievable! Not even a cheap shot mid-diaper change!) But there is a first time for everything.

I wonder when the first spit-up occurrence will be...?


psychninja said...

We went through a phase with Grace where I think she pooped in EVERY bath for about a month! I bought a special fishnet to keep by the tub for the cleanup effort! Come to think of it, I wonder what happened to that fishnet???

Ginger@chirgies said...

ahhhh, the joys. :)
That elusive brown trout.
You capture snapshots of your life so well. Someday we'll look back on this with tenderness and laugh, right?

Pate Family said...

When the FIRST spitup will be? I can't even imagine that type of life. I have no idea how the children I gave birth to gained even an ounce of weight in their first 8 months of life because I swear they spit up more than they ever consumed.