Friday, January 16, 2009

I have proof that I am a Mean Mom

Before I give you the proof, I have a potpourri of funny little things to share.

Here are some more cryptic questions from Jackson:
Out of the blue, with no context whatsoever, not pointing to anything, Jackson asks me, "Is this the front of everything?" And then later, "Why is this the kitchen?"

And here is Jackson's rendition of Chris Tomlin's song "Indescribable." Imagine a four-year-old singing at the very tippy, tippy top of his very powerful lungs...
"Untribe-able! Uncontainable! You and the stars and my knees and the Sky's and my ridge... You are amazing, God!!"

And a short - very short - conversation with Davis yesterday went like this:
Mom: Are your lips chapped? Do you want some chap stick?
Davis: Let's not discuss it.

Finally, my proof:
I gave myself the "best wife award" when I surprised the family with a Wii for Christmas. I learned today that apparently I did not earn the "best mom award" that same day. Here is the writing that my son came from school with today: "On Christmas moning I woke my bruthr up. We wint to the Christmas tree. My Mommy was olretee (already) ther. We watite for my Daddy. Then my Daddy finulee kame wot (out). We storted to opin preses. I liked ol (all) uv our preses but the most bestist preset that we got was a Wii. I asct to plae. My mommy sed no."

Honestly, I don't remember saying no. I guess "no" is the answer that comes out when I am not really listening to the question. Proof, indeed, that I am a mean mom.


Ben & Tera said...

THAT is a cute story! Love, love it:) And the writing kills me. I can remember being in school very young trying so hard to get my point across with my horrible spelling. Thank goodness for spell check for us grown ups...growups? one word or two? :)

Bruce said...

I shared the lyrics with my family down here and everyone got a good laugh! And I can hear him sing on the top of his lungs with all his 4 year old passion :) Funny stories too. Thanks for sharing, it was fun to read this morning )

Bruce said...

Oops, that was me, your sister. I am on Bruce's computer.

Ginger@chirgies said...

Oh Jenne, join the club - the Mean Mommy one, that is. I'm so glad you captured these snapshots of your kiddos - they are hilarious!

Pate Family said...

So I could get a wii, earn the best wife title (or share it with you?) but then just tell my kids, "no" when they ask to play it. Sounds good!

Jon and Erin said...

Wow...sometimes I think I still write (spell) like that. Noah is in trouble.