Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Cain & Abel questions

I started reading Genesis to the kids last night. We read the story of Cain and Abel tonight. Both boys had such great questions:

Jackson, upon hearing that God asked Cain where his brother was after Cain killed Abel and that Cain said he did not know, Jackson (who has been telling little lies lately) asked:
"Did he really really not know where his brother is?" (how perceptive!)
"No, Cain knew exactly where his brother is!"
"Cain lied?"
"He sure did. No good, huh."

That led to Davis asking: "Now I have a question. God knows everything we are going to do in our whole lives. So he knew they (people like Cain) were going to do bad things - all those bad things all the time. (pause. pause.) How can that be? Why would he create them if he knew they were going to do all that bad stuff? He could have just not created them." I was so astounded at the thought-provoking question and so overwhelmed with thoughts of "where do I begin?" I started with, "You ask the best questions!"

I am excited to get another window into his brain and help him work through this big, big question. And I am so glad that I don't have to have all the answers. I pray that the Lord would give my little 7yo the spirit of wisdom and revelation that is beyond his years.

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