Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Poopy Morning

So technically my morning started at 2am, when I woke up and was unable to fall back asleep. But then I did, at 5AM, and my loving husband let me sleep in until 8AM. And therefore, technically, the first thing I got to do this morning was sleep. That automatically makes it a good morning.

Thirty minutes before 8AM, I vaguely heard Ryan put Weston in the tub (a favorite activity of this toddler). I fell back asleep and awoke at 8AM to Weston half-yelling, "Uh-Oh" and "Nayah!" Those two words in succession are a good clue that something must be addressed in short order. I got up and found Weston standing in the tub, pointing to the water.

You already know what I found. The question is, was is solid or not? The unfortunate answer is "not." Floating in and amongst our modest supply of bath toys was a copious amount of poo. While Ryan hosed Weston off in the other bathroom's shower, I spent the next little portion of my morning scrubbing, bleaching, and sanitizing the toys and tub. Of course any toy that had cracks or crevices automatically earned a one-way ticket to the garbage can. So now our bath toy collection includes only cups. All the cute little fish that, when you pull the cord make a swimming motion have been sacrificed in favor of poop-less-ness.

I easily return my thoughts to the part of the morning where I was sleeping and can say that the morning - despite the poopy tub - was a good one. Thanks, Ryan, for letting me catch those extra Zzzz's.


Jon and Erin said...

Oh Jenne, what a way to wake up. We've had at least 4 poopy diapers a day for the past few days. I'm not sure what's going on. I'm glad to say that they've all been contained in diapers though and NOT in the tub. Stick with it. You're raising some amazing boys over there.

Ginger@chirgies said...

Ugh... And you were doing this while trying to bend in half with a basketball in your gut, right? But you're one of those long torso people - maybe the basketball isn't so all encompassing of your mid-section....Nevermind. By this last week,+/-, that baby takes up every inch.

We're so excited to hear who your newest little man will be! Hopefully you can get more restfull rest between now and the big day.

Brenda said...

Love it!!! What a mommy moment!!! I found some adorable animal bath toys at WinCo a while back--by the toys. They're squeaky plastic animals to play with in the tub, I think like $3 for a package of 9 or so. FYI! :) I got some for Ruby, she really likes them.

Good for you, having a good attitude about this. :) And awesome that Ryan let you sleep!! :)