Wednesday, November 19, 2008

This One's Just For Ming

Somehow my boys and I got talking about what my name "used to be."
"I used to be Jenne Snodgrass, but now I am Jenne Glover," I tell my kids. They snicker, like every kid I grew up with did when they learned my last name. In almost defense of my proud heritage, I added: "And Megan's last name used to be Snodgrass, too."

Davis replied with a puffed up I-know-I-am-about-to-be-right, "Yeah, but now her name is Ming-y Wood!"

Meg, I guess it is official now. You might as well change your birth certificate.


Megan said...

My name forever changed once when I got married, and once again when I became an aunt. :)

Diane said...

I still think it's so funny that your maiden name was Snodgrass. It's such an unusual name. I asked my aunt the name of my Aunt, Uncle and cousins. Here they are below:
The names were, Betty, Hershal,Vincent, Rebecca (or Becky for short), Beth, (Elizabeth for short) and Robert.
I just thought I'd share this info with you and see if there was a connection. :-)