Tuesday, November 11, 2008

My Response...

If you have not checked my blog in a day or so (!!Oh the Horror!!), you will want to skip down to November 9th's post so that this will make sense.

A comment like that might provoke a couple of answers:
1. something modest, like “well, they are really good kids”
2. something insulting to the kids but tongue-in-cheek, like “this is unusual – they are usually monsters”
3. something more helpful, like “I just try to be as consistent in my parenting as possible and expect a lot from them…and read lots of good parenting books. My favorite these days is…”
4. something “godly” that may come back to bite me in the bum the NEXT time that person sees me, like “I spend lots of time with my kids, bring them to church, and we memorize lots of scripture, and when you do all those good parenting things, that’s just what happens…” (you know that the next time that person sees you, your kids WILL embarrass you).

I have probably used each of these answers in the past - granted, I had many more opportunities when I only had 2 kids to manage. Fewer complements have come since adding #3, and even fewer since being pregnant. (smile)

So, I thought about it and if I EVER receive a complement like that again, I think I would like to have some sort of better answer ready… And the truth is that sometimes my kids are really good, and sometimes they are really hard. Sometimes I look like a mom who has it all together, and sometimes I am a laughing stock. The truth is that parenting is really, really hard. How do I do it? Honestly, I cling every day to the promises of my God - especially on the harder days. And because of that, I have hope. And because of that hope, I can do another day. Even when the day ends in a blizzard of tears and yelling, I wake up the next day with a renewed hope (God’s promises are new every morning!). Without my God and my Hope, I couldn’t do it.

That’s a long answer to someone who might just be looking for a quick “thanks” from me. What’s the shorter answer that might still give God the credit? Maybe something like, “How do I do it? With the help of my God and the husband he has blessed me with!”

Did you think about it? What would YOUR answer be?


Anonymous said...

What I want to know is what to say to a stranger when your kids are acting out in, say, Quiznos. (this might have really happened;) When they are being naughty and a man looks at your pregnant belly and then at your 4 1/2 year old and says "And your mommy is really going to have another one, huh?" Yikes. I just stood there dumbfounded.

Sorry, that is my most recent experience. I will store these other ideas away when someone actually makes a nice comment to me.

Jenne said...

Your comment made me smile because I SO HAVE BEEN THERE OFTEN these days (i.e. big-pregnant). I honestly walk around praying, “Please kids, don’t make me look like a fool for having another one…PLEASE.”

Ben & Tera said...

Brandy, THAT is funny! Not to go to far off and just share stories, but why not one more;) When ever I take the kids to the bank my oldest (3) asks if 'the lady who said I need soap in my mouth will be there.'
Oh people are great:)

Ben & Tera said...

Thanks for your ideas on responses Jenne. I love, love reading your blog.

Jenne said...

Tera, I laughed out loud at your bank comment. How hilarious is that!

Anonymous said...

No someone did not tell Colby that he needed soap in his mouth! That is terrible!