Thursday, November 6, 2008

A Great Listen!

On my sidebar (as of this writing) you can see that I am listening to a sermon series called The Fulfilled Family. It is by John Macarthur of "Grace to You" radio broadcast. I just have to put in a quick plug for the one I listened to today, called God's Pattern for Parents, part 1.

The sermon, a little more than an hour long (seems long, but really that's just two episodes of The Office), is primarily about the process of leading your child to Christ. He is big on NOT having a formula, so if it is a formula you are looking for you will be disappointed. What he does do is answer tons of questions about the process of leading your child to Christ. Questions like How young is too young and how old is old enough? and Is it ok to allow my child to ask Jesus into his heart multiple times? and How much information do I offer into those young ears? and Where do I start?

Really, this is a must-hear for all of us parents. There were so many times while I was listening that I was assured that I was doing alright, and many times when I thought to myself, "I am SO GLAD to know THAT!!"

You will be encouraged by this sermon, so I hope you consider listening. And if you do, come back and comment. I would love to hear you listened and maybe what you appreciated about it.

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Wilson Family said...

Sounds good - I'll try to check it out soon!