Sunday, December 7, 2008

Several Piles and a Panic

A couple of nights ago... Little Drake had peed out of his diaper so many times the night before that i had zero bundling blankets or easy-zip jammies left. So I was destined to do a load of laundry in the morning.

It took all day long to get the single load of laundry done (shocker!) so that evening after all the kids had gone to bed I was folding it. It just so happened that this laundry load was the first ever containing clothes belonging to all four boys. I don't usually do the big boys' laundry, but I needed to add to the relatively small load so the big boys got spoiled, I guess.

ANYWAY, I was struggling to keep the piles straight ("Let's see... this is Jackson's shirt, and this one is Weston's shirt - no wait, these are both Weston's shirts... and this pile I started is who's? Oh, Davis'. Right. Now where is the Drake pile? Here - no, HERE it is. Oh. I guess he has TWO piles..." And so on and so on). It was during the laundry folding/pile sorting process that it really sunk in: I HAVE FOUR KIDS.


And I tried not to panic.


Megan said...

it's funny what simple things (such as doing laundry) make reality sink in. You're going to be an amazing mom to FOUR. Just hang in there through the long nights and tiring days. Snuggle that little baby and simplify life a little :) Love you.

Christine said...

Hey there! CONGRATS on the birth of healthy Drake. We have been out of the eworld for a couple of weeks, and just got on to see your laundry posting... which quickly clued us into the birth of your son :) YEah!! We'll continue praying for your health and transition. Love to all - The Coops

Pate Family said...

I'm trying not to panic for you :) But then I remember that if anyone can do this it is you! Are you all caught up on yor sleep yet? :)

Ginger@chirgies said...

Oh Jenne... I had almost the exact same experience. Four piles. Oh my. 6, all togeter - HOLY SMOKES!
Hang in there! It will take some adjusting, I think it took me awhile for it to sink in, and for the overwhelmed feeling to turn into a "I can do this" feeling.
Love you!

Brenda said...

Oh yes, it is overwhelming! Now, wait til you have to pack for four! I just packed up all 4 to go to grandma's house this week, and I took inspiration from the Douger family--I laid their clothes out flat in piles, and then rolled up the pile into a ball and put it in a plastic grocery sack and wrote their name on it with a sharpie. Now Grandma doesn't have to wonder who wears size 5 and who has the Nemo underwear! :)

Diane said...

I have issuse like this when it comes to matching socks. URGH!

Jenne said...

That Dougger family is pretty amazing. No surprise that she came up with such an ingenious idea. And did you know they just have one central clothes closet? For a family of that size it might be like shopping at a little store every day to get dressed.