Monday, December 22, 2008

Our Little Curious George

I have blogged enough about Weston's lack of words over the past several months for most to know that our little two-year-old is mostly without expressive language. But I made an interesting and fun discovery about our little Weston that I thought might bring a smile to my snowed in friends this week.

So Weston's most favorite character is Curious George. He carries the book, "Curious George and the Bunny" around to look at often. he was delighted when Daddy came home one day with a Curious George stuffed animal (he now sleeps every night with it). And BY FAR his favorite TV show is PBS's Curious George.

It dawned on me that our little Weston expresses himself a lot like old CG. Lots of pointing and "uh-uh" grunts, with big laughter or tears. To tell us he is thirsty, he points to his mouth, makes a gulp-fulp sound and then whispers, "aaahhh" as though he just took a big, satisying drink. If you have ever watched the little TV show you are aware that, though George does not speak, you always know exactly what he is thinking (thanks, in part, to the help of the narrator, I suppose).

Here is a short video of Weston watching a little bit of Basketball with Daddy.

I bet you can figure out that he is retelling Daddy what he just saw on the TV.

Anyway, the other day I said to Weston, "You talk like Curious George, don't you?" to which he excitedly and emphatically answered,


He seemed thrilled to be understeood in a new and more complex way. It was quite a moment.


Eric 'n Leah said...

I guess there is always hope that CG will start speaking in full sentences any episode now....

Nice observation/discovery Mom! That's impressive 'detective work'.

Megan said...

He is excellent at communication! I bet he wished he had a narrator sometimes though. He is so endearing :)