Friday, December 19, 2008

Fact Check

A little reminder for moms, or a little TMI for the rest of the world...

FACT: Thinking about needng to feed a newborn WILL cause your milk to let down.

FACT: Wondering when the last time it was you fed your newborn WILL cause your milk to let down.

FACT: Showering, even immediately after nursing your infant, WILL make your milk let down.

FACT: The process of changing out of your day bra and into your sleeping bra WILL make your milk let down.

FACT: Blogging about your milk letting down WILL make your milk let down.

FACT: That's too much letting down. Where is my pump?


Ginger@chirgies said...

What a let down. Oh my dear. LOL!!! I must say I do miss the newborn nursing cuddles, but not the wet rings on my shirts in obvious places, or the smelly "coasters" breast pads that never really seemed to work as well as I hoped, or the wet sheets - no not those kind, oh boy is that TMI???? Or trying to discretely push the "door bell"s in with arms crossed to prevent the let down. aahhhhhh. It all comes back so quickly.

Jenne said...

Ginger, you are hilarious! And you OBVIOUSLY know what I am talking about here!!!

Joy @ SAH Missionary said...

Ginger is hilarious! Jenne, I had no idea that blogging about milk letting down would make it let down! :)
I'm missing that stage of life...although not really missing it with twins...just imagine all that you wrote about times 2! However, I do miss have a chest size that allowed me to buy a bra outside the pre-teen that is definitely TMI! Yikes!

Anonymous said...

oh man...i have been thinking about nursing again since it is in my future very soon! i have been remembering all of the joys of the first month. so funny!

Eric 'n Leah said...

I never exited the let-down-ever-nothing phase with the twins (stopped nursing at 4 months) - so to have made it past that with Miles is like some kind of small miracle for me! I will be kind and thoughtful when talking with you at church so as to not mention that adorable new baby or nursing or your husband or your cute kids...or anything else that might make you feel even slightly maternal...and therefore cause you to run to the car for that change of shirt.
Ahhh, the memories.

The Wolf Pack said...

Speaking of, I am sitting here reading this waiting for Elli to wake up because I am going to burst!!!!!

Brenda said...

Jenne, you made me giggle! Especially since I read your blog post just after this one: on a cooking blog I watch. My goodness! TMI everywhere today! :) Hope the pump worked for ya (and works for you now as you'll be thinking about it again!). :)

Pate Family said...

How about when you wash your hands in warm water? That was the one that drove me crazy!