Saturday, December 13, 2008

First Grade Writing

For those of you who have yet to have kids enter into school, let me just tell you that Kindergarten is fun and exciting, but First Grade is AMAZING. I mean, they walk into first grade generally not knowing how to read or write much at all, and before Christmas they are reading and writing sentences you will be astounded at.

It is just so much fun. Really. Really. Fun.

Here are a few examples of Davis' writing. Mrs. Baker encourages the kids to write about real things, and his little stories are the making of an elementary school blog:

I playd socr. We wun 3to8.

I korvd my pumpkin. It wus sceree. It was mad (made) wot uv triagles. Frst we brot in the pumpkin and thean we wosht theam. We got sum newspaper and poot it on a table. We poot the pumpkin on the table. Dad cut the top off and we rethe into the pumpkin.

SO much happens in just six weeks!!


Ben & Tera said...

Oh my word! So adorable. I love it:)

Diane said...

I agree, it is amazing how they learn so fast from kindy to first grade. Shelby is reading all the time now, she's so proud of herself. She's also writing and doing math,her favorite thing right now is playing school. She's the teacher of course. :)
I just hope the fun lasts. School becomes not so fun anymore around the 4th grade. (at least for my older two)

jenki said...

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