Monday, December 10, 2007

Way to Go Weston!

I called home today (Ryan and I are on a romantic get-away) to discover that Weston waited until the day after we left to become a walker. You stinker!! And, I have been told, you are mastering the stairs. Our own SuperNanny said that you get half way down the stairs and can't figure out if you are going up or you squawk about your stuck-ed-ness until you are rescued.

Way to go, little man. Can't believe you are working your way out of babyhood and into toddlerland. What a ride!

Oh, and Miss Nanny, give us a call when he is potty trained. We'll be home that very next day.


Megan said...

What a stinker! Can't wait to see the little guy walking!

The Chirgwin Family said...

That figures! Watch out world!