Sunday, December 23, 2007

Mercy Peaches

This is my grandmother (isn't she gorgeous?). My grandfather married her when I was about 4 years old. He passed away about three years ago, but Grandma Jeanette helps us keep him alive in our hearts through thoughtful cards, notes and stories.
I have always loved Grandma, but recently I have gotten to know her better - adult to adult. She is warm, thoughtful, energetic, and terrifically creative. She also has a deep faith in the Lord. I love to listen to her talk about the Lord's faithfulness and goodness. And He really is faithful and good. Can I tell you a short story?

On September 9th, after canning peaches Grandma was driving down the street when she somehow missed seeing a stop sign. She blew through it and was hit by an oncoming car. The accident was powerful, breaking her wrist very badly and totalling both cars. When her car came to a stop after the impact, there were peaches in her lap. She looked up at the car's ceiling and all around her were shards of mason-jar glass that had sunk into the interior. Miraculously, not one piece of glass hit her. When we heard of the accident and learned of how the Lord really protected her from so much more harm we were so thankful for the Great Mercy of the Lord.

Yesterday, Grandma brought us a little Christmas gift - including one jar of peaches, salvaged from the horrible crash. She was so apologetic that there was only one jar- just enough for one meal, really. I smiled at her, held up the jar and replied, "These are mercy peaches, and I'll take them however I can get them."
Merry Christmas, Grandma Jeanette. And thank you, Grandpa Bob, for marrying her into our family.

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