Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Story Hour

I have just found gold!! It is a website of free audio downloads... all are lovely children's stories! It is called The Story Home. There seems to be a nice mix of stories for both girls and boys.

I have downloaded a few so far:

The Frog Prince

The Steadfast Tin Soldier

George Washington's Shoes

The Tale of Peter Rabbit


Megan said...

OH MY! HOORAY! I am totally there and so excited! Thanks for sharing!

ang said...

This is me commenting on your blog :0) What a great find! Thanks for sharing! Great to catch up with you the other day, too. Hope your hubby had 1/2 has much fun as Dan at the fantasy football draft! Wow, that was a lot of testosterone in my house.

Ginger@chirgies said...

Ooooh, I'm going right there! Thanks Jenne. is another one, but not very kid or user friendly. I still haven't played around in it enough, I guess. Robinson Crusoe was a fun listen, your boys might enjoy that, except for the cannibalism-part. :)

Jon and Erin said...

that is gold!!!! Thanks for sharing. Noah is currently into "G. T. and the Halo Express". They have a stories filled with bible verses to music. It's so fun to already hear him singing is verses!