Friday, August 14, 2009

Cultus 2009

Another wonderful Cultus memory has been logged on the fingerprints of our family. This year was by far the most usual trip, as we went without my parents or my sister and her family. I have never gone without my folks. Though we missed them all dearly, we had an amazing time. It was incredible to experience Cultus all on our own. So,little five-year-old Jackson tried his hand at skiing. And he did great. He would get all geared up for it, all the equipment on, wanting so badly to keep up with big brother. And then just as the boat is pulling the rope taunt, you can hear him say, "Uh, I want to do this later. I will do it today, but just not now." And that is the point were we would say, "Here we go, sweetie! Hit it!" And he would hang on for dear life. When he was done he was beyond proud of himself.

And Davis promised Grandpa (who was not with us, remember) that he would "ski every day." And he kept to his word. He took that promise incredibly seriously. What is more, he decided that "the red skis" (smallest size, tied together, rope handle connected to them) were no longer for him. He was intent on mastering "the grey ones" that are significantly bigger and not tied together. Its a big jump to go to these ones. I was impressed by his tenacity and courage. I think he was too.
This is the only picture it seems I snapped of Baby D. He is army-crawling now, so I set up this play yard with a blanket below him and canopy above. He was pretty content. And when he wasn't, there were a number of arms holding him (thank you Pam, Dean et al!).

Dad let us take his boat up (another HUGE first) and Ryan was a master. He drove the truck and trailer like he had been doing it for years. He pulled up to buoys and docks like a super-cool dude. Just look at him. He is so groovy.

Though I would have preferred to be asleep, I did catch a sunrise one morning on my way to the outhouse.

And to keep the record straight, sleep was a bit elusive. But the baby was not the problem. He slept every camping night for 12 hours straight. Not a single night waking. Weston, on the other hand, was his regular self and woke up randomly several times each night. Jackson woke once to a full bladder and couldn't fall asleep again in the "big boy tent." He traded places with Ryan and slept much better that night. And yes, the two older boys slept in their own tent. I still can't believe they were willing to do that. Don't tell them this, but I would NEVER have slept in a tent without my parents. Not even into high school.

Our last day camping (the day we broke camp) it rained all day long. The kids hardly noticed and just played right through it. Fun to the last drop!

See you next year, Cultus!!


Megan said...

WHat?! You had fun WITHOUT US!?!? Just kidding :) I am glad you guys had a great time, and I can't wait until next year. Maybe missing one time will make next year even better? Anyways, glad your fam enjoyed Cultus EVEN without us and mom and dad.

Ginger@chirgies said...

I remember your blog from last year about going for a drive with a sleepless baby...sounds like you just missed the cold weather. Our friends Kevin Kolin and his family left early because it was so stinkin' cold.

Glad you're back to the blog world - and I love the "Don't Ask" photo. Life with four kids...I can't imagine how you would ever get distracted and not finish something like dressing a child! ;)

Ginger@chirgies said...

Oh - I forgot, 2 things.
1. Dare I ask about Tri-Cities?
2. A swamp cooler is our "AC" - it blows air over cold water and thus cools off the house - it works surprisingly well and in this dry climate keeps the inside a teensy bit humid.

Wilson Family said...

Wow - what an adventure! Looks like tons of fun!