Monday, August 24, 2009

Pretty Obtuse for this Blog

Never have I been more entertained reading a recipe than I have by this one. I first heard of it (and saw the succulent pictures) on Ming's blog. Ming is my sister. She is not Chinese. Her name is actually Megan Nichole. And yes, the "H" belongs there. Of course it does. Our folks spelled my name Jenne with an "E" at the end - not a"Y" or "IE" like all the other Jenny's out there. So, why NOT put an "H" in Nicole?!

And the name "Ming" came into being by way of my children. Davis called her Meenie for the longest time. Pretty silly, since she doesn't have a "meanie" bone in her body. And Jackson tried to call her Meenie, but it always came out "Mingy" which was a huge hit with all the family when shortened to the Asian form, "Ming."

Even her husband calls her Ming. What percentage of the time do you refer to your beloved wife as "Megan," Okie? Dare I explain his nickname?

Last week, Weston called her "Megan" and we all stopped for a moment and wondered where on earth he heard that from. Like it is a dirty word or something. No worries. We corrected him: "Her name is Ming, sweetie."

Anyway, go enjoy the Ginger Steak Salad.

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Pate Family said...

I'm pretty much willing to try and make anything that PW posts on her website. Following the pictures with her funny details is the best. An added bonus is more than once now I have given Ainsley the job of cooking the recipe, she can follow along and look at the pictures to do each step. It is like a little online cooking school for my 8 year-old, and I don't have to do anything. Between the Letter Factory videos and PW cooking I might work myself out of a job as far as teaching my kids anything...