Tuesday, May 27, 2008

And the Winner is...

Alison G!!

Congratulations! email me your address and I will have the book shipped directly to you.
rjglover @ verizon . net

Thanks for everyone who commented. Now to those of you who did not win, go buy the book or put it on your birthday wish list!!

This was so much fun for me. I am totally doing this again sometime!!


Diane said...

Hi Jenne,
I have to ask you about the name Snodgrass, it was in your Dec. post. I have cousins with that name, it's not a common name so I thought that I would ask. My cousins first name is Hershal, he is in his 70's now I think. I'm not sure what is kids names are, I have not see them in many years.
So, any relation? :-)

Jenne said...

The name is not familiar to me, but our family is really quite large. He may be a cousin of my grandfather, Robert (Bob)? Who knows!