Friday, March 28, 2008

Proud Mama

This evening my two oldest boys were sorting out their clean laundry right before dinner time. I don't know what I was thinking in assigning them a responsibility at the bewitching hour of dinner preparation. Our laundry room is downstairs, and the kitchen is upstairs. The boys know all the steps to doing laundry, and this step - pulling clean clothes out of the dryer and bringing them upstairs to sort into ownership piles - is not difficult but they often drag their heels. Today, as I wrist-deep in raw meat and vegetables, they were downstairs attempting what might be the impossible: cooperation at 4:47pm. I hear a scuffle that I hope does not require my intervention. One screamed up to me that the other was not pulling their weight...the offender quickly "changed his mind" and began to pitch in. The basket came up the stairs under the power of four little hands.

They immediately started sorting the laundry out. My older one tends to work faster and more diligently (he is older, afterall) but this time both boys steamed through the pile. Jackson, with all the pride he could muster said, "MOMMY! We are working diligently! See Mommy?!?" Yes, I saw and was pleased. Dinner was ready so I called them to the table where they knew they would be served some of their favorite food, as is our Friday night custom. "We are almost done, Mom." They completed their task though they were not asked to. "Are you coming, boys?" I called out with immense pleasure in my voice. "Yes Mom!" was Jackson's sweet response, and immediately he hopped onto his seat. "In a minute Mom," said my Davis. Our informal dinner was already served when Davis arrived at the breakfast bar with the biggest smile you have ever seen. He had not only sorted the laundry, he also put his away...and then he put his brother's away (WAY above and beyond normal). Jackson commented that he thought Davis should get an O Award.

"Doesn't it feel great to do something so nice for someone else?" I asked with an even wider, prouder grin. "Yes," he responded. And with all sincerity in his heart and voice he continued, "But I was not thinking about an O Award when I did that. I was thinking about rewards in Heaven."

Oh buddy. That's awesome. I love it when they connect the dots.


Megan said...

That gave me chills.

Jenne said...

Honestly, it gave me chills too. I had introduced the concept of this earlier in the week and I knew he understood it, but it was so cool to see him act on it. It really ministered to my heart and actually rebuked me some, realizing that his child-like faith really believes it. I believe it too, of course, but not with the purity of a child. I love LOVE love raising my kids.

keely steger said...

Chills. And tears as well. Thanks for sharing.

The Chirgwin Family said...

Yes, Yes, YES!!!! They're GETTING it! Keep it up Momma, you're doing an incredible job training those boys! Isn't it amazing when it clicks?! Savor this event for those days when you're feeling down.

Pate Family said...

That is just the best-you must have felt SO good. I think I was about 25 before I "got" that concept (and it took 4 R. Alcorn books to get it through my head.) Think where Davis will be at 25!