Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Four-Year-Old Theology

Jackson's prayer last night at dinner:

"Dear Jesus, thank you for my Mom and Dad. Thank you for dying on the cross for our sins. And pul-EEEEEEEE-Zzz help Pastor Barry's back to feel better. And pul-EEEEEEEEE-zzz help my Mommy's back to feel better. And pul-EEEEEEEEE-zzz make the sunshine come back. And American Gladiators, too. Amen."
Jackson's comments on the afterlife:

"When bad guys go to HELL they watch TV and do not their chores. And they watch BAD GUY shows."

Rest assured, 6 1/2yo brother was kind yet swift to correct this misguided thought:

"No, Jackson. There is no TV in hell. And in HEAVEN there are no chores. So it's bad to be in hell, where they work all day and never get paid any money for it. But it's good to be in heaven, where we never have to do any work."


Jackson is working out some pretty big heaven-and-hell issues out in his head right now and it is very interesting to hear his comments. You can just TELL that he is thinking hard about it.
Jack: "When do I get to go up to heaven?"
Mom: You have Jesus in your heart, so some day - probably a long time from now, sweetie.
Davis: Unless Jesus comes first!
Mom: Yes, that's right.
Jack: "HOW do I get up to heaven?...
Mom: "Our verse from Romans told us that, remember that verse? "If you confess with your mouth..."
Jack interrupts quickly with: "I know! I know! I confesswithmymouth JesusisLord and believeinmyheartGodraisedHimfromthedead (he memorized Romans 10:9-10 and says it really fast), but HOW do you get there?...where is it? are there big long stairs?..."


The Chirgwin Family said...

Oh!!! Now you have me Laughing Out Loud!! That's so funny - Brett is also really into the Jesus/heaven/hell thing lately. Almost every day he says, "Mom I want to go to heaven but I'm scared of dying. Do I have to die on a cross?" Then we have the same conversation reassuring, etc. - I must not be getting through... hmmm. And the good vs. bad guys thing is so big right now too! It must be a boy thing b/c A. never got into all this.

Anonymous said...

That is too funny. I can totally relate too. Hope has asked me "Who lives in Heaven anyways?" I love this age and I keep praying for God to give me more opportunities to share His love and truth with my girls. I love this job:)

Barry said...

I actually could go with Jackson's theology of hell. A place where you have to watch TV all the time. I'd add movies, too.

Lori Jackson said...

When a man (boy) stops and asks for directions...give them to him:-)