Saturday, March 29, 2008

A Little About Me

This is a fun little thing that I first saw on
my sister's blog and thought it would be kind of fun. Hope you enjoy it!

Age I will turn this year:

The instrument I would like learn to play

My favorite food:
That's Mizithra Cheese over a plate of spaghetti noodles at The Ol Factory, baby!

My favorite dessert: I do wish the Spag Factory served Mile High Mud Pie

Something crazy - er STUPID - I did once

Yeah, and by God's grace, an airline pilot picked me up and drove me straight to my destination (a quick but frightening trip as I contemplated how vulnerable I was.)

Something stupid I did today:

(I burned my finger.)

I singed the epidermis of my left index felangy, dorsal side, perhaps in the hyperaemia zone (ha! like I know what I am talking about). Incidentally, the pics that pop up when you type in "burn hand cooking" in Google are extremely graphic. Makes my little white mark look pretty pathetic. But try typing without that finger. It's not an easy task. Poor me.

A favorite movie

Currently reading (well, actually I finished it last night, right after I wrote this post)

and one chapter a night before Davis heads to bed in:

On deck:

but I am tempted to slip in "A Wrinkle In Time" first...

My some-day hobbies?


Now you know a little bit about me... how about you?


Ellie said...

Is that a...violin?! Let me tell you, it's a wonderful instrument! Of course, I'm biased. : )

Allison McKenney said...

I love this post! So, are you a nikon girl?

Jenne said...

Welllll, I suppose I could be a Nikon girl. Someday I might just have to find out!