Sunday, November 4, 2007

WFMW - Diaper Doublers

Can a Safeway product be a Work For Me Wednesday? (Who makes these rules, anyway?)

These days, even when I put a bigger diaper on my guy he still wakes up soaking wet - all the way through to the crib sheets and blankets. I went to buy a box of super-duper, extra absorbent, extra-EXPENSIVE diapers to alleviate these morning woes and I ran across the magic of diaper doublers. They look like the pads we wore - and hated - twenty years ago, but I promise you will LOVE THEM NOW! And here is the best part: $2.89 for this pack of 30.

And as my wonderful sister helped me realize, he is sleeping longer at night and the 5:00am wake-up has eroded...

...but as I am learning, you have to be careful what you blog. The moment you speak it into the blog-i-fied world, your children will know and they will sabotage you. My kids have been making a liar out of me all week long as they have argued more this week than they did all last month! So please, no one tell Weston about this post. ok? I am really enjoying the extra sleep.


The Chirgwin Family said...

Oh Jenne, I was just feeding Luke in the nursery at church this morning and overhearing a mom talk about these exact things and how great they are! Would they work for 4 year olds who occasionally wet the bed at night? :) Also, had to tell you about the wiggly diaper boy. Luke started that a few weeks back and honestly two days ago I was thinking, Is he old enough to discipline??? Is this defiant? hmmm... Your timing was perfect, so thank you.

Jenne said...

They really are just like feminine pads but without the sticky-back side. A total bladder unload would be more than these guys could hold on their own I think. It might have a fighting chance in the case of a minor accident without a diaper to back it up. I will be interested in your report!

I don't know if they would work or not. But for $2.89 it does not hurt to try!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jenne, I have seen these in the store, and when your 16month old sleeps 10-12 hours you need some extra absorbancy (sp?) I have wondered if they work, I will try them now! Thanks!