Wednesday, March 17, 2010

What a Beautiful Mess!

I will not pretend to be embarrassed. This mess in our basement is for a VERY good cause.

And now you see the cause. This poor excuse for a bathaundry room saw its last winter. Bye-bye crazy shaped counter. So long non-existant under-the-sink storage. Au revoir shower that violently sprays out the door if you open it - even quickly - to get in once the water has warmed up. See you never again, toilet that hardly bothers to flush.
You will (NOT) be missed.

Hello soon-to-be functional bathroom.

Hello laundry room with a laundry shoot. I think we are going to be very, very good friends. I still won't iron, and I don't plan on spending quality time with you, but I will think of you fondly while I fold laundry in front of the TV.   Oh, and hello new half-bath-that-Ryan-is-so-excited-to-use-when-he-is-covered-in-mud-from working-in-the-yard. Drywall is up. Mudding will begin soon.

And I cannot neglect the widend hallway. Hello hallway. The cupboards which we removed from you to make this space feel less like a dungeon are the REAL reason the basement is such a disaster. Can't wait to install some IKEA magic along your wall!

So, there is the progress for anyone who was DYING to know. We patiently await the return of our hard-working crew. This job expanded beyond what anybody thought when we opened up walls and discovered the ABSURD plumbing situation. Sorry to all their other clients who were put on hold while that mess was sorted out.


Ginger said...

Ahhhhh, remodels. So glad my hubby didn't bid the job. ;)
But SO happy for you to have SPACE and function!! (ps - I've always thought laundry shoots were the coolest.)

Pate Family said...

So excited for you. So happy your getting a laundry shoot!

Serious Moms said...

Fun, fun, fun! Hoping the job goes faster than you think and your family can get back to "normal" life and just *enjoy* what's been accomplished! :)

Megan said...

It's looking great! The basement is seeming less and less like a basement with it's wider halls and lighter colors!

The Reluctant Missionary said...

ok now I'm DYING to know what the finished product looks like!! Pictures please!