Monday, March 29, 2010

Overheard a Conversation...

There was much yelling downstairs while the kids were "trying" to play thw Wii together. If the kids are going to "enjoy" themselves on this sort of entertainment I have one hard and fast rule: as soon as there is frustration, arguing, or bickering, the Wii time is over. I mean, come on kids: its only fun until its not fun anymore!

Anyway, much yelling, mostly from jackson's lungs, got my attention. I called the boys to me and asked for an explanation as to why the fun did not sound like very much fun. Turns out Jackson was asking Davis for help, which he gladly was giving and that is the point that things turned ugly. OK Jackson, I think there was a miscommunication here because you are mad at your brother. He wants to help you like you asked. Why don't you sit and listen to him for just a moment and maybe you two can work this out. Here is the conversation that ensued once I left the room:

D: I was just trying to help you.
J: But I couldn't hear you.
J: Well, yeah. Just for the boring part. I didn't like the boring part.
D: But THAT was the most important part of the whole thing!
J: Oh. Well, it was boring.

Davis, some days are like that.


Shop with Me Mama said...

LOL! Too cute! Kids are always saying the funniest things, aren't they?

Megan said...

I can picture the whole scene perfectly! So funny! It's great that they worked it out, or at least got to the root of the problem, err, well, had a hilarious conversation! You might want to let his teachers at school know that his learning style is "not boring".

Anonymous said...

Ha! Oh first and second borns:)