Friday, January 8, 2010

One Week Down, 3 to go!

For anyone who is still reading my sorely-neglected blog, you might be interested to know that I survived week one of January. Check these off the list:
One New Years Eve party hosted
One New Years Eve party cleaned up
One 9.5 hour long business meeting for the new clinic. Check. (Don't YOU wish YOU were in an all-day meeting on a Saturday in January?  It was really exciting, actually. Yeah, I am that kind of dork.)
One Sunday School lesson taught.

Can I just tell you that ALL THAT was done in a period of 3.5 days, from Thursday night to Sunday morning.

The rest of the week's focus: getting the new clinic listed as "in network" at a bjillion insurance companies. The mounds of paperwork associated with that is impressive.

This new clinic we are starting up is quite exciting to me. We are working with a company that just started up. Seeing the woman who started this hand therapy practice her go through this process - all the thousands of tiny (yet huge) decisions that have to be made - reminds both Ryan and I of where we were four years ago. It is a monumental thing to go into business for yourself. Add to that the complexities of healthcare and insurance contracting and you have yourself a big task. Turns out you eat this elephant just like any other piece of meat: one bite at a time.

That is where Ryan and I come in: we are guiding and facilitating the consumption of this elephant. And we are using our prior elephant-eating experience as a guide. It is incredibly satisfying to assist someone else get started with their own business. (It would have been A.MAZE.ING to have someone hold our hand through the process, as the learning curve was tremendously steep.)

So we end this week, Ryan and I, with a date. We are taking our two big boys up to the mountain for a day of skiing (lessons for half the day for them, while Mom and Dad attack the mountain). Thanks to Maryann for watching the little ones while we enjoy being otherwise irresponsible.

And about skiing.. Ryan has been absolutely giddy with excitement. He told me today that he is excited because he is skiing with ME. I love that he wants to spend time with me. I am so blessed to be married to this man.


Jon and Erin said...

glad you had fun skiing! What a treat! Unfortunately I didn't get to participate when my family went skiing. I sat there and took pictures. Babies are worth it but at that moment, I really wanted to join the fun. Sigh...someday. Take it one moment at a time with all you've got to do. We sure are.

Serious Moms said...

Awesome! I'm glad you guys are checking things off your crazy January list & still enjoying time together! Yahoo! :)