Thursday, June 25, 2009

Dats so Fwunny!

We officially hit "the twos" last week. Yes, my darling silent and compliant child has discovered new octives and decibles with which to communicate his displeasure.

On the other hand, he does make me smile and laugh so much. I think, for everyone's sanity, I need to dwell on "the real Weston" for a while so that I don't get discouraged by this phase of child development. I will start with the funny additions of the sound "fffffff" to many words where "fffff" does not belong (like, for instance, replacing the 's' for an 'f' in "soccer." Yikes), and the wwww sound in any number of words that actually need an rrrrr sound. Its adorable, and this phase of language development passes by so fast.

So, we hear West call Baby Drake "Be-be Fwake," and we hear him say "I fwopped a foon. You ged-it uh fwoon fow me, Mommy?" (I dropped a spoon. Will you get it, the spoon, for me Mommy?") "I neen a fwink-a watow" (I need a drink of water). "Oh dere it is. I fwine it."

I tease sometimes - he doesn't get the joke, though - and ask him, "Did Baby Fwake fwop a fwabberry? Dats Fwunny!!"

He still gets stuck in counting his way up to ten... one, two, free, four, five, fwix, fweben... he hits seven and then goes back to "fwix" and continues the countdown. He ends it with a resounding, "BWAS-TOFF!!"

He calls himself "Wet-den." His current favorite DVRed show is "Fwooper Why."

He has also added to his repetoire of phrases:
"No-a hit a-gack" and "obey a-Mommy da fwerst time" and "Daz MINE!" (do any of these need translation?)

He uses the word "so" often. "I'm SO cold!" "Dats SO fwunny" "I'm SO hung-gy."

He tells this joke, exactly like this:
Weston: nah-nok!
ME: Who's there?
Weston: inr-wruptin cow - MOOOOO! (Its particularly funny because he doesn't get it that he is supposed to wait for me to ask "Interrupting Cow, who?" before interrupting me with the loud "Moo." He just goes right into the big, huge, loud "MOOOO!" and then cracks himself up. And then we all laugh, too, because he is laughing so hard. The big boys have made up a game when he tells this joke where they try to - as quick as they can - say "interrupting cow who?" before he get's his "Moo" out. Its impossible to beat his Moo, but they try anyway. And we all laugh a little harder.

And speaking of laughing, for effect when Weston laughs, sometimes he gets on his knees and pound-pound-pounds his fist on the floor with laughter (can you picture that?). It's fwunny.

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Ginger@chirgies said...

yes, focus on the positive - I LOVE this age too (the positive side of it, at least!) He is ADORABLE!!! Love that 'blast off!'

Luke's newest is to grab my hand and pull and say, "See you, Mommy!" which means, "Come here Mommy, I want you to see something." Isn't it fun to hear their little minds clicking?