Wednesday, October 22, 2008

They Grow Up So Fast

Yesterday jackson learned how to ride his bike without training wheels. It was quite an event, as we have attempted a couple of times already and each previous time it ended in frustration and giving up (of the child, not the mother). But for two days in a row he insisted that he could ride his bike without training wheels and was asking me to remove the excess baggage so he could do it. I, being in the stage of my pregnancy where walking is challenging, much less running beside a wobbly biker, was not about to repeat the previous experiences. In comes my hero: my husband. And together they fought through the scrapes, falls and wobbles to come out the other side a two-wheel rider!!

Jackson was not the only one to grow up right in front of my eyes yesterday. While the lesson was in full swing, the phone rang for Davis. His first female caller. His slightly sheepish grin, coupled with the fact that he did not understand a word she said in the 45 second conversation they had took me by surprise. Little love notes from another girl have come home in his backpack this month... back off ladies, he won't be dating until another couple of decades pass... Twenty-seven seems reasonable to me, don't ya think?

And we must also mention little Weston, who doubled his near-two-year-old vocabulary this week with the addition of "plop" and "pop" (distinguishable to the discerning ear only). Oh, and he began jumping off the second step of our staircase, and walking up the stairs without his hands.

They all grow up SO FAST!


Ellie said...

27 sounds good, but I warn you, lots of dads (including mine!) claim they won't let their daughters date until mid-thirties. So Davis might have to wait a bit longer for his "friend"... : )

Living Balanced said...

27 may actually be a little young to date, maybe.

My son is 8 and time is going by so fast. I have to fight him (in fun) for kisses and hugs now. sniff.

Greg and Andrea said...

Such bold little girls! Our daughters will NOT be calling boys in elementary school (or middle school, or ever?). However, if one of your grown up boys wants to call one of our grown up daughters, that would be great. You'd make lovely in-laws. :)

And way to go, Jackson (and Ryan), on the bike riding!