Wednesday, October 22, 2008

My November 4th "ah ha" Moment

Still stricken with grief over McCain winning the Republican nomination over Mike Huckabee, I have wondered often what a "good prolife voter" ought to do:
  • Abstain from voting (i.e. turn off my brain on this one)
  • Write in Huckabee (would it be throwing away my vote or standing on principle - or both?)
  • Vote for Palin/McCain (I do generally like her politics from top to bottom - experienced or not)
  • Vote for Obama (at least he will end the war and maybe protect us from our country's devastating financial practices, so he says)
Tonight, after reading a very informative and helpful post by Randy Alcorn, I now know what I am going to do. I encourage you to spend a minute looking over this post, especially if you have found yourself, like me, struggling with what is the right thing to do in this election.

And no, I am not going to tell you how I am voting. But jumping over to Randy's blog will be all the hint you need, if curiosity gets the better of you!!


Living Balanced said...

I clicked over to Randy's blog and got goosebumps as I was reading. Many issues are at stake here, but some are much, much, much, bigger than others.

Ginger@chirgies said...

ooooohhhhhh Jenne!
Now THAT is honey to my soul! So true! I'm right there with you - our little guys are so quick to assume and you're right, they don't understand the big picture. Thank you for making the complete analogy. What a good reminder for us to trust and submit even when it hurts and especially when we don't understand. What a great post! thank you, thank you!

Ginger@chirgies said...

ooops, sorry I was just going off of google reader - and didn't read the post I was commenting on. my bad.