Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Word Number TWO

After a long hiatus, my little 18-month-old has added word number two to his vocabulary.

And the word is "Yuck." (here is a little pic of my little guy, being as yucky as his mommy would let him get... he has soaked himself in water from some random outdoor bucket, and then slathered himself with freshly cut grass and bark mulch. Can you say "bath night?" (Yes, I know YOU can say that. But sadly he CANNOT!)

Lovely. When he says it, as best as I can translate, it means "yuck," "this," and "want."

He also says, "yuh, yuh, YUH!"

as in:
"Ready, set, GO!"
Which he says right before he runs anywhere


jon and erin said...

What a guy! It's so hard keeping the boys inside isn't it? Noah keeps running to the door, "talking" and pointing trying to get me to understand he wants to go out. I can't wait for sunshine and warm weather!

Megan said...

The kid can find dirt and water ANYWHERE! He has a talent in spotting a drop of water and ounce of dirt, and making it into a handful of mud!

Also, good job Weston in adding "yuck" to your vocab. As endearing as it is for you to bring your parents around pointing to what you want and bring them the box of crackers, it will be nice when you can ask with words :)

Pate Family said...

Far too soon he will be yelling "NO!" and "MINE!" and you will be longing for the sweet days of a limited vocabulary. :)